Das "Concerto in Re" für die Bach-Orchester der Welt
Hommage an JS Bach von Rudolf Lutz


In 2020, well-known composer and conductor Prof. Rudolf Lutz (St. Gallen / Switzerland)

commissioned a

„Concerto in Re per diversi strumenti“ for two violins, viola, bassoon, violoncello and basso continuo

which premiered on June 16, 2022 at the International Bach Festival in Leipzig’s Old Town Hall.

The concerto is both a tribute to Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)
and a gift to the Bach orchestras of the world.

The concerto is in the public domain, meaning anyone can perform
or record, or broadcast it without needing to purchase a license or pay a royalty.

For this purpose, the entire score and an audio recording
under the direction of the composer
is available here for download.

Links to the concert with download of the files (right click) and the score:

First movement Animato

Second movement Lento grave con moto

Third movement Allegro vivace

Total recording

Sheet music for download:

Single part: 1st violin.pdf
Single part: 2nd violin.pdf
Single part: Viola.pdf
Single part: Bassoon.pdf
Single part: Cello.pdf
Basso continuo: Violoncello II, Violone, Harpsichord.pdf
Full score.pdf